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Memasang Iklan

Menerima Pemasangan Iklan Online. Iklan dikirim melalui Email, SMS, Telepon atau Media Social lainya.

Kontak Informasi

Untuk memasang Iklan silahkan kontak kami di 0823-2345-5050, atau dengan Registrasi di Website.

Biaya Iklan

Biaya pemasangan iklan disesuaikan dengan besar ukuran iklan, dan lama iklan ditayangkan.

We have the Telukdalam Taxi Airpot you need to make your life easier!

Hear It From Our Customers

  • Telukdalam Port

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  • Tourism in Telukdalam

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Airport Taxi Information

Airport realiable Taxi from Gunungsitoli to Telukdalam, Please call us at 0823 6852 1466 or 0813 7555 1418.

Solo Traditional Dance

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Nias Traditional Dance

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Our Business Hours

We are here to serve you during the following business hours:

Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm
Saturday and Sunday: Closed
Phone: 62-823-2345-5050

Contact Us Today

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