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Menerima pemasangan iklan online untuk semua jenis bisnis. Silahkan hubungi bagian iklan kami.

Cari Informasi

Untuk informasi selengkapnya silahkan hubungi bagian iklan kami dengan nomor hp 0852-7008-2555.

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Welcome To Southern of Nias Tourism Official Website

The Best Warrior

Hilinawalo Fau South Nias

In the past it was very important to have a brave soldier to protect or defend the village from enemy attack. In Hilinawalo today still shows the show to the public.

Our Advantages

Why We Are The Best

The figure shows dexterity with a variety of techniques to fight the enemies using the necessary tools they need to protect their people and to serve the king.

Hoho Strategy

Full Proof Plans For You

Hoho is ancestors voice of Nias people, especially in the South. The voice talks about events, such as wedding ceremony to beg for mercy from the gods.

Latest Attraction

See What We're Up To

Several tourist destinations in the South such as sorake, bawomataluo, hilinawalo, gomo, and batu islands. There also junggle trips too. For more info contact us.

Hear It From Our Traditional Dancers

  • Maena di Nias Barat

    Maena di Nias Barat adalah seperti Folk Dance yang terdapat di Eropa atau di Amerika. Tarian ini merupakan tari-tarian rakyat diperagakan didalam suatu upacara atau festifal-festifal tertentu. Akan tetapi tarian ini sepertinya merupakan tarian kombinasi dari maena dan tari moyo yang cukup dikenal dikalangan masyarakat Nias di bagian Barat atau Utara. Tari moyo adalah tari kehormatan untuk diperagakan kepada tamu khusus dikalangan masyarakat yang memiliki status sosial yang berbeda beda.
  • Mogaele di Nias Selatan

    Di Nias Selatan tarian adat yang sangat terkenal adalah "Fogaele" Tarian ini di peragakan secara perlahan lahan dengan mengatur lengkungan tangan yang sangat perlahan lahan sambil memegang dompet (purse) ber-isikan sirih untuk diberikan kepada tamu tamu terhormat. Tetapi ciri khasnya adalah setiap penari sogaele biasanya di dompet mereka diikat lonceng kecil dan lonceng kecil akan berbunyi setelah tangan penari sogaele mengangkat tangan mereka.

Nias Traditional Hoho

Hoho is one the famous voice ancestor in hilinawalo fau village south of nias. Let's take a listen to it.

Hilinawalo Hoho


Hilinawalo Voice Ancestor

Nias Traditional Dance

Wertern Nias traditional dancer performs nicely in one event as collaboration arts and traditional song.

Hilinawalo Performance

The warriors are testing their ability to perform using all the necessary weapons they have. Hilinawalo Fau.

Our Business Hours

We are here to serve you during the following business hours:

Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm
Saturday and Sunday: Closed
Phone: 62-852-7008-2555

Contact Us Today

Welcome to Southern Nias

Teluk Dalam is a sub-district in the South Nias regency, North Sumatra province, Indonesia. Its area is 490 km2 (190 sq mi). In English, Teluk Dalam means "Deep Gulf". As of 2004, Teluk Dalam has 39 villages with a population of 76,750 and a population density of 157/km². Teluk Dalam has various tourist sites, such as Sorake Beach, Lagundri Beach and Bawömataluo which hosts Nias traditional houses of hundred years ago.

Teluk Dalam port came about after the original port in the south of Nias Island was in Lagundri Bay. In 1883, the resulting tsunami from the Krakatau volcano in the Sunda Strait between Sumatra and Java washed the original Teluk Lagundri trade village away. The trade village was moved to the present position in Teluk Dalam.

On 28 March 2005, the 2005 Nias–Simeulue earthquake destroyed many ancient sites and many people were killed. On 2 April 2005, an Australian Sea King helicopter carrying 11 soldiers on a humanitarian mission to help the earthquake victims crashed there, killing nine soldiers.

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